One of the world's leading manufacturers of Transporters and Manipulators

Mectool Sweden AB was founded in 1992 by the Brodin family. The company offers tailored solutions for material handling within all types of industry.

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Friction Transporters

Pneumatic and electricallay driven belles conveyors

The Transporters are Pneumatically or Electrically driven Feeders that solve scrap and parts removal problems efficiently and inexpensively. Separate your stamped parts with custom configured trays.

Install the Transporter under your tool and problems with slugs, steel shavings, and scrap disappear. Originally developed to remove scrap from presses, the Transporter is now being used in assembly-type operations.

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Electric transporter

The Electric Transporter is a Beltless Conveyor designed to move metal scrap or finished parts from the press line. This Transporter is also ideally suited as a line feeder in many production applications. The TPE Transporter moves material by a unique oscillating motion. A custom-made tray can easily be fitted to provide a rhythmic, linear movement which pushes the chute forward at a constant speed and with an accelerating backwards motion. Because it’s powered electrically, noise is minimal.

Pneumatic transporter

This Unique Beltless Conveyor transports pieces of scrap, or parts, with a shaking motion. A custom tray is fitted onto the body and the rhythmic, linear motion moves the tray slowly forward and then quickly backwards. The metal shavings, scrap, or finished parts are gently shuffled along the tray and into a convenient container.